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Shawn Masters

Voice Acting Instructor

I am Shawn Masters and I am the Voice Acting Instructor. I originally had a very huge interest and influence from Cartoons, Video Games and Anime. I served in the United States Army from 2007 to 2018, serving as Signal Support Systems Specialist with taught me a lot about communications and the methodology behind it. During my deployment to Afghanistan during OEF 11-12, I had the chance to work with the Armed Forces Network (AFN) with the radio broadcast team out of the northern region. This is when I was introduced to using my voice behind a microphone.


  Fast forward a few years and I had begun a YouTube channel and Twitch Stream where I honed in my craft in Voice Acting and Voice Over techniques. After I was no longer in the Army, I took a true Voice Acting course and learned how the industry worked, way to improve my craft and that Voice Acting was my passion. Since then, I have had the honor of being in close to six radio commercials, two indie videos games and one indie narration piece. I am trained in each of the types of Voice Acting roles, (Character, Promo, Commercial, Narration and Interactive Voice Recording <IVR>) though I specialize in Character and Commercial. Since my time in the Army, I have always enjoyed teaching others. Every teacher/instructor will tell you, "You learn just as much teaching as being taught". I love learning and I am honored to have the chance to combine two parts of my life I love, my passion for teaching and voice acting. 

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