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Providance Performing Arts Center dance instructors in Royse City, Texas

Jamila Carrera

Dance Instructor/ Choreographer 

A Native of Fresno, California Central Valley, she began her profession in the Performing Arts at a young age of six years old. Her love for acting, filming, singing, and modeling were a big part of her life. Jamilla was very shy and struggled in public school so much that it was evident that she did not belong. Jamilla’s talent in the Arts became very obvious at such a young age; with her creativity in creating anything and everything from skits, song writing, singing, dancing and more. She had a busy life in the life of the arts from a young age, and being on set, on stage or behind a camera was not a problem for her, this is where she shined the most.  Jamilla started off as a gymnast and an athlete, but her passion and love for dance began when she first saw the Nutcracker live on Stage.  She took small jobs in filming and commercials and modeling, then with time she developed her love of dance.  Her training began to develop as she took many classes including Musical Theatre, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, Ballet and more at California Arts Academy and trained throughout California. Jamilla was also trained in Pep/Pom and danced at her school. Most of her training was based out of a studio in Fresno, California, where she got most of her one-on-one training at Dolce Dance Studio and was trained by some of the top dance instructors in the Industry that are very well known nationwide.  She was inspired by Melissa Aguiar, one of her ultimate favorite teachers, who taught her how to work with dancers in an excellent way and breakdown every single element that a dancer needs to be a strong technique dancer.  Her love and passion for teaching each child as a whole inspired Jamilla to be the coach she is today. Jamilla and her mother, Ruth Carrera, have created a program that will take a dancer to higher levels in a short amount of time, guaranteed if applied. Together they have put these techniques to practice in Jamilla’s own sisters, Sophia and Sarah Carrera; who are some of the Top Elite Professional Dancers in the Industry and choreographers ask to choreograph on. Jamilla is our Mini Company coach, and her Mine Team Soloist has won numerous awards and regional championships. Jamilla enjoys working together with her mom and sisters in any jobs and musicals they can do together. Her heart is to build dancers from the ground up in a technical and artistic way, while keeping a balance between her passion for dance and work. Jamilla’s dance career has led her to win many awards, including Idol, Top 10 and she has even won many scholarships.  She earned a full scholarship to train with the West Coast Elite, with some of the Top Choreographers in the Industry.  Jamilla also was accepted at California Arts Institute with a scholarship, but she decided that her heart was in building the dancers and the program here at home while she continues to work for her degree in Digital Marketing with a minor in Dance. After she completes that, she plans to continue her education in filming.  Jamilla’s goal and passion is to pour all of her knowledge and what she has learned into her students and create beautiful dancers - just like she was given the opportunity as a child. Her gift of teaching consists of a perfect combination of passion, discipline, structure, tough love and words of encouragement.

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