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Advantages of competitive dance for Talented kids

Competitive dance builds confidence, developmental skills, and team building skills.

Dance has existed across all known cultures and goes as far back as prehistoric times. So, naturally, dancers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and colors! Music and dance play a key role in most social events such as sports, celebrations and ceremonies. You can even enjoy watching a little dance in people as young as babies. We were born to love dance! You may even notice that when young talented kids get together to dance, they push themselves and each other artistically and physically. Dancers can use competitive dance as a way to grow! A little friendly competition can be good fun and healthy even!

Providance Perfoming Arts Center near Rockwall, is a competitive dance studio much like other dance studios in the area. With a focus on self-confidence, health and wellness for all of their dancers, Providance PAC really stands out.

Building confidence for talented kids

Research on gifted children shows that the majority of them are introverted, and many are sensitive due to their heightened awareness of self and others. Unfortunately, there is no rewind or pause in this game of life and when time passes us by, there is no getting it back. However, there are experiences in life that can be fundamentally important to shaping a person’s future. For instance, when a student gets a solo and takes on the social responsibility of a lead, and has to perform just as they’ve worked and practiced so hard for, their growth is obvious to others and can be long lasting. It’s like watching a person flip a switch on and seeing them morph right in-front of you!

Dance & developmental skills

To improve in anything, we need feedback. To be successful at anything, we need adaptation and growth. Competitive dance teaches children to develop critical skills that they’ll use their entire lives. Constructive criticism comes as a part of any sport and dance is no exception. Criticism helps give insight and new perspective and these things for an athlete/artist are typically interesting and exciting. Dancers inevitably learn to be comfortable with criticism and eventually even welcome this feedback. The very process of giving and receiving constructive criticism actually helps to create and foster bonds between the two in the exchange.

Team building skills

Creating bonds between dancers bring us to our final topic: team building. Science Direct says “it has been argued that music, particularly moving to music, contributes to our ability to socially bond” and this has played an important role in human evolution. All the hours that talented kids spend in the dance studio honing their skills not only fosters their talents, but it also creates and strengthens lasting bonds. When a dancer decides to join company teams they learn and perfect choreographed group dances together. These activities build trust and teach teammates how to work together and communicate nonverbally. They can help each other overcome being afraid on stage. They show up for one another and in turn gain each others trust and respect and they propel each other forward. The students on our company dance teams are indeed a kind of family and the bonds built in our Providance dance studio are deeply rooted.
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