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Pilates near me, At Providance Performing Arts Center

Pilates is practiced worldwide and is offered today here at Providance PAC in Royse City.
Pilates has been known to be a secret weapon for dancers and athletes alike, but also
versatile enough to have something for everyone. It is described by wikipedia as "a
mind-body exercise that requires core stability, strength, flexibility, and attention to muscle
control, posture, and breathing." Like dance, pilates is known for “having positive effects on
depression and pain, most notably decreasing lower back pain.” While back pain doesn't
have just one cause, having weak core muscles is said to be associated with chronic low
back pain. The Mayo Clinic suggests building a strong core to help lower back pain and pilates is one of their recommended ways of doing just that. Traditional pilates began well over 100 years ago, during the 1920’s and was invented by a man named Joseph Pilates.

What is Reformer Pilates?

Pilates exercises are designed to work the body’s “powerhouse” a.k.a the core. This area of the body includes the abdomen, the lower back, hips, and buttocks. You can accomplish this using either a mat, where your body weight is your resistance, or a reformer, where pulleys and springs create the resistance. A pilates reformer is a traditional piece of pilates equipment with a sliding carriage or bed-like structure that houses springs, ropes and pulleys to regulate and adjust resistance. This contraption can seem daunting and feel awkward for beginners. However, because pilates is so versatile there’s always an adjustment that can be made. Mat pilates is an excellent exercise option for anyone considering a new fitness regimen.

What is Mat Pilates?

Mat pilates work came before the pilates reformer equipment was developed and has over 500 different exercise movements. The mat pilates workouts also provide similar benefits as the reformer workouts do and many pilates experts recommend a solid foundation in mat pilates before moving into reformer pilates classes. For those reasons mat pilates is great for beginners, it can be practiced anywhere and can be adjusted for any age, body type, or fitness level. Pregnant women, older people, people who live sedentary lifestyles, or people with active lifestyles, pilates can be adjusted and practiced to fit any fitness level.

Why do Pilates?

There have been numerous studies done and peer reviewed articles written on Pilates and the significant improvements some people have experienced. Pilates is designed to improve the body's alignment and muscular symmetry. This can be beneficial especially for athletes and dancers who add pilates to their workout regimens. Pilates makes you become aware of new muscle groups that you’re not used to using. It can help with flexibility and core strength which
simultaneously improves balance. Pilates enhances functionality and has a low impact on joints and helps ease movement. If you’re looking for a new exercise routine or want to continue pilates on a routine basis, Providance Performing Arts Center, near Rockwall has the class for you. Come check us out now!

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you will have a whole new body.”

-Joseph Pilates

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