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Daytime Dance Program for Homeschooled kids

Talent Coach, Ruth Carrera with Providance PAC dancers at Hall of Fame dance competition in Dallas, Texas

Homeschooling dance program

At Providance Performing Arts Center in Royse city, homeschoolers have the opportunity to be in the studio for day time dance classes or private lessons because they don’t have to be in public schools during set hours. When families are turned onto dance, kids will have the freedom and flexibility to trade regular school hours in pursuit of an invigorating passion that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives and the benefits of dance are far reaching.

Fun physical education for your homeschoolers

Although most kids are naturally active as long as they’re given the opportunity to be, some homeschool families struggle with providing a P.E in their curriculum. Dance is wonderful for increasing fitness, flexibility, confidence, discipline, posture, healthy self-expression, and the list goes on. Dance is not only a sport, but an art and is a wonderful way for a child to express themselves. Their dance lessons can create an opportunity for more fun at home. Make their dance lessons into a cross-curricular activity by using their dance music as a writing prompt for your homeschooler. They can write a paragraph or two on what the songs are about and how the dance relates. This gives parents an opportunity to see what they’re learning as well.

Performing arts benefits for homeschooler kids

When families begin homeschooling some kids are worried about not being able to make and keep friends. Homeschooled kids can find satisfaction in their social experiences through dance where they meet peers who share in their common interests of dancing.
At Providance PAC, a competitive dance studio, our dancers grow and compete alongside one another and form bonds that run deep and are lasting. They learn to support each other's growth and how to cheer one another on. Dance, for homeschoolers, gives students opportunity to collaborate with others. Successful collaboration supports children’s ability to learn to respect others perspectives, and how to appreciate each other's differences and strengths in a healthy way.

A dance family for homeschoolers

During the covid pandemic people really felt the sting of isolation. Week after week, our dance studio offers an environment that is safe, and fun to train at. It has been truly healing for our dance community to be back in the studio. At Providance PAC, we build close knit relationships and get to know each other deeply. We miss each other when we don’t come to the studio. We are a family here and consider ourselves lucky to know one another. Our weekly classes enable us to see dancers come in and enjoy dance together. We love all the laughter and smiling faces and seeing all the fun that is had. When kids can be a part of something that makes them feel happy and grow in confidence, they blossom in beautiful ways all across their lives.

We hope to see some new homeschooler faces in the studio starting this January, 2023 for our new daytime dance program with instructor Victoria Souder, created especially for homeschooled kids.

Image to the left: Providance Ballet Instructor Victoria Souder

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